Corporate Social Responsibility

While many companies talk about Corporate Social Responsibility, we live and breathe it. From our community education and development programs to our commitment to sustainability, we walk the talk.

Support local

In conceptualising The Quintessence of Tonkin, our aim was to create sustainable work for the local people in the region. The local community are employed in a range of jobs — performers, puppeteers, costume makers, puppet makers, carpenters and technicians, service staff — and the show wouldn’t be possible without their support and goodwill.

The Sai Son Commune is known for its beauty and heritage, and is home to well-known cultural and historical sites like the Thay Pagoda, Duong Lam Village and the Tay Phuong Pagoda. However, it is not on the tourist map for travellers — both Vietnamese and international — and should be. This area has a rich history of traditions that are still a part of Vietnam’s cultural fabric today, including water puppetry and the Thay Festival.

The provision of touristic products and services is central to the development of the Sai Son community, and The Quintessence of Tonkin has consulted closely with local villagers to ensure there is a balance between financial sustainability and the cultural celebration and pride that is at the heart of the preservation of Vietnamese culture. The show aims to raise awareness about the value of this area through the development of the regional economy through tourism, which will, in turn, benefit the local residents through improvement in their quality of life.

At its core, the Quintessence of Tonkin showcases the cultural values that are the essence of northern Vietnam in a show that is inextricably tied to the historical roots of the founding of the Thay Pagoda by the revered Buddhuist monk, Tu Dao Hanh. 

Charity Event

Charity Event

Nha Chong Lu is a social project where communities raise funds to build safe houses and support struggling people who are affected by catastrophes in the middle of Vietnam. Established in 2013, the project has built a total of 523 houses for needy residents.

In its 10th fundraising event, Tuan Chau Hanoi JSC — in collaboration with Sai Son citizens and artists — decided to contribute to the Nha Chong Lu project. Tuan Chau Hanoi donated all revenue collected from The Quintessence of Tonkin show held on the 16th December 2017.

That night, the show attracted more than 2200 audience members, which was equivalent to VND 2 billion in ticket sales. From the revenue from these tickets, 58 safe houses were constructed and approximately 300 people will be protected from future catastrophes.

The spirit of generosity from the Sai Son residents toward their fellow compatriots — "the leaves protect that the tattered ones"— is exactly what the organisers of the project wanted to achieve with this collaboration. The Quintessence of Tonkin — which belongs to the special arts program of Tuan Chau Hanoi JSC — aims to preserve traditional culture and innovate in the arts to create human values in society. The Sai Son community, with its contribution towards those less fortunate, has done just that.

Heritage Restoration

Since Tuan Chau Hanoi JSC built the entertainment complex in the Sai Son Commune in Quoc Oai District of Hanoi, we have committed to maintaining the cultural heritage of the Thay Pagoda and — if needed, reconstructing it — so it is preserved for future generations.

Thay Pagoda is one of the most famous attractions in the Hanoi area, and is dedicated to the worship of Sakyamuni Buddha and 18 Arhats. The pagoda is situated on the side of Sai Son Mountain, surrounded by lush forest. Built in the 11th Century during the reign of King Ly Nhan Tong, the Thay Pagoda comprises three sections. The outer is for offerings and ceremonies; the middle for the worship of Buddha; and the inner for worship of monk Tu Dao Hanh.

To complete the idyllic scene of the Thay Pagoda are two bridges: Nhat Tien and Nguyet Tien that represent sun (nhat) and moon (nguyet) and the harmony of yin and yang (sky and earth). Nhat Tien connects the pagoda with a small island and Nguyet Tien links to the village and leads the way to the path to the Sai Son Mountain.

Realising the spiritual meaning of the two bridges, Tuan Chau Hanoi JSC decided to contribute VND 1 billion VND to their reconstruction. With this action, Tuan Chau Hanoi proudly plays a part in preserving the environment and ensuring its sustainability.


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